Daybook…. I did not get a few key ingredients on my grocery list and couldn’t make tonight’s meal so I improvised. This is delicious. Every time. As part of our school time today, the kids are doing thank you notes. I am horrible at these and I truly hope to get better at thanking others for their generosity. Today is baking day. The kitchen is HOT and we are making honey oat bread with flaxseed, artisan bread, chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles. 🙂 Hoping to visit family tonight and tomorrow. Some we have promised for a few weeks and some coming in from the northwest. It’s quite challenging to get everywhere to see everyone with 5 children but it’s important!


Now it’s almost naptime so the babies will sleep while we read our Caroline series, hang out laundry on the clothesline, finish math for today, and work on our science experiment. Then it’s time to watch some Duck Dynasty and fold laundry. 🙂 Happy Tuesday, everyone! Jules


Menu Plan Monday

Hi and welcome! I’m going to list my supper menu plan for this week. I hope it gives you some inspiration! It always helps me to see others menu plans. Okay, here we go:

*Bacon jalepeno mac and cheese, salad with ranch dressing

*Orange chicken , (recipe on this blog, my links aren’t working)egg rolls, rice

* Crockpot cream cheese chicken chili, jalepeno corn muffins

*Crockpot pepper steak, steamed broccoli, rice, buttered carrots

*Biscuits and gravy

*Friday night is family supper at my parents house. It’s my niece Katie’s turn to cook!

Crockpot lasagna, crockpot bread, salad -Sunday dinner

Desserts: Blackberry cream cheese pie, cake mix fudge

I will be back to share recipes, soon!!